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ISO tank containers

Caribbean Container Solutions has a particularly ample range of 20 and 40 ft tank containers for the transport and storage of liquids and gases. The ISO tank containers of Caribbean Container Solutions are deliverable in standard specifications and custom-built. Depending on your product, we provide a tank container with optimal features for pressure and temperature control, anti corrosion and food safety, for example. The specifications are so diverse and the application options so wide-ranging (from T1 up to and including T50) that there will always be a tank container that is right  for your product.

ISO tank containers

Caribbean Container Solutions has special ISO tank containers of carbon steel for the transport of volatile and hazardous substances, such as refrigerant gases (R gases), fuels, mine gases and solvents. Depending on your product, they are provided with a suitable lining and all necessary safety systems in order to preserve the ideal product and safety conditions.  

Liquid tank containers

Caribbean Container Solutions has the appropriate ISO tank container for every liquid. By way of standard we have the stainless steel liquid tanks, suitable for agricultural products and semi-finished products, for example. In addition, there is a separate range of tank containers with specific features for the hygienic transport of foods and beverages, such as rum, sugar, wine and juices. Finally, there is the range of ISO tank containers with special features for the safe transport of (corrosive) chemicals. 

Cryogenic tank containers

Caribbean Container Solutions also offers high end ISO tank containers for the transport of delicate cargo. Our cryogenic tank containers enable you to transport in a safe and prudent manner producer gases such as oxygen and nitrogen for the pharmaceutical industry and other cryogenic products, such as (liquefied) natural gas, carbon dioxide and ethane.


More information

Which substance do you want to transport? Let us know. We shall be happy to advise you on the best tank container for your needs. 


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