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Refrigerated containers / reefers

Caribbean Container Solutions has a wide range of refrigerated containers for the transport and storage of thermally sensitive products. They are available in 10, 20 and 40 ft containers and cover a wide span from -30oC to +30oC. Not only the temperature but also the humidity in the refrigerated containers can be meticulously maintained to level. 

Do you need refrigerated storage for the fish, meat, dairy, alcoholic beverages and other foods and beverages for your supermarket, hotel or restaurant? Refrigerated containers offer you a quick and effective solution. Caribbean Container Solutions is often able to supply you with a suitable refrigerated container as quickly as within a day.

Prior to transport, our refrigerated containers are always submitted to a comprehensive Pre Trip Inspection (PTI). That way, you are always sure of a properly functioning refrigerated container in which to transport or store your cargo in optimal conditions.


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Need to transport or store your products optimally? Contact Caribbean Container Solutions. We will give you the quickest and best solution. 


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