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Shipping containers

Caribbean Container Solutions keeps a large stock of new and used shipping containers, suitable for transport and storage of dry (building) materials. These containers are available in the sizes 10, 20 and 40 ft. If you need additional (storage) space, there is also the 40 ft High Cube. This one is 30 centimetres higher than the standard 40 ft container. Therefore, the 40 ft High Cube is much used for voluminous cargos.  

Open side container

Apart from these standard transport and storage containers, there are the open side containers, the longer side of which can fully open. Therefore, the open side container is ideal for cargos of non-standard dimensions. 

Very fast delivery

Caribbean Container Solutions keeps large stocks, forms part of a strong collaborative group in international transport and logistics and cooperates with local shipping companies. That enables us to make you a competitive proposal and deliver your transport or storage container very quickly, sometimes even the same day. 


More information

Do you need a shipping container for your transport or storage? 


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