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Containers on request

At Caribbean Container Solutions the sky is the limit. We have many standard container solutions and at the same time we offer countless customised options. On the one hand, by adapting our standard container solutions and, on the other, by adapting 20ft and 40ft containers to any other user or storage room.

standard container solutions

By means of our standard container solutions, we show what a user or storage space can look like for all garden, construction, housing, storage and hospitality purposes. We adapt these standard solutions effortlessly to your needs. Colours, finishing materials, decoration and facilities; we can customise all of it. 


Apart from the frequent standard container solutions, we also offer unique customised container solutions. We can convert any container into the space you need. Are you looking for an exposition space with (partial) glass walls? Do you want to convert a container into an advertisement pillar, restaurant, gym or… the possibilities are endless.  

Caribbean Container Solutions has the experience with customizing containers and cooperates with local experts for an optimal decoration of your container solution. 


Tell us your wishes and we will try to realise them.


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