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Bicycle container

Do you need a temporary or permanent bicycle parking? Caribbean Container Solutions offers storage containers fully fitted out as bicycle parking, including bike racks, lighting and electricity.

Caribbean Container Solutions' bicycle storage containers are available in 20ft and 40ft (high cube) containers. They can be rented/leased or purchased.

Standard & custom-built

Caribbean Container Solutions supplies standard container bicycle parking, but is also able to adapt it to your specific needs: number of bicycles to be parked, locking options of the container and charging points for electric bicycles. We deliver the container exactly as you specify it. 

Temporary or permanent bicycle park

Do you need a temporary bicycle parking, for example during a refurbishment, a project or an event? Or do you want to use the bicycle parking on a permanent basis, for example at your company premises? At Caribbean Container Solutions anything is possible. If so desired, we can even deliver the storage container fully decorated according to your corporate identity. 

40FT Fietsenstalling

More information

Quickly need temporary or permanent bicycle parking? Caribbean Container Solutions takes care of it for you.


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